Ready to have FUN? Download the best zombie killer game for free! The dead have arisen. Monsters are attacking, you must fight for your survival. If you like horror games, you will love Zombie Train, the new arcade game of skill. Don’t Run! Quickly tap to slice and kill the zombie before it will slash you. Features: • A true game of skill: easy to start, hard to master. No cheap headshot. • Extremely simple controls: tap only, not swipe. • Fluid simple graphics - quick on any phone! • Recruit the last survivors to cut zombies. • Compete with the entire world on your best score. • Works without being online; play anywhere! Zombie Train is brought to you by Best Fun Zombie Game for Free, the minds behind dozens of fun games. ● Compatibility and support We're continuously building so that all phones and tablets run the game smoothly. Please report any issue you may experience to ● Disclaimer Target Tapper is a completely free game and contains no In-App Purchases. We hope you enjoy!

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